Our Services

Planned Maintenance Procedures


· Clean optics 

· Center viewing objects 

· Check focus lamp 

· Align aiming beam 

· Check/clean heat exchanger 

· Check/add coolant 

· Check aiming beam focus 

· Check table stability 

· Examine burn 

· Check energy prediction 

· Verify energy calibration, 

· Complete calibration verification 

· Check ground conductivity 

· Confirm beam profile is acceptable 

· Confirm air breakdown is acceptable 

· Check cords and cables 

· Confirm aiming beam output is acceptable 

· Check castors/feet 

· Change water filters and/or particle filters

Laser Repair

Our technicians are qualified to identify laser system problems, repair systems, and replace parts with OEM parts if necessary.  We only replace parts that are needed to help our customers save money on repairs.

Technical Support

If you are having a problem with your laser, contact us.  We may be able to help you solve your problems without a service call.  Please give us as much information as possible about the laser make and model as well as any error codes when contacting us.